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5 Easy Ways to Tame Your Frizzy Unmanageable Hair

If you have frizzy hair that’s difficult to manage, don’t worry as there are various ways to bring it under control. Even if it’s not frizzy all the time, external factors such as heat and humidity can suddenly and unexpectedly ruin your smooth locks and your look.

Here we look at why hair can become frizzy and the steps you can take to tame the frizz and bring your hair back under control.

What makes hair frizzy?

Hair can become frizzy for various reasons. It’s very easy to rub it too harshly with a towel after you’ve washed it. This creates friction and causes the hair to become frizzy when it’s dry.

Over-brushing and too much heat when styling can also make your hair frizzy. Even running the water too hot in your shower can cause damage to your hair, as it dries it out and strips away the natural oils that keep it in healthy condition.

One of the most obvious causes of frizzy hair, however, is split ends. If you notice that you have split ends but can’t get to the hairdressers quickly, try using a moisturising serum on the ends of your hair to offer some protection from humidity.

How to manage frizzy hair

1.      Get a professional hair cut

A good cut is the foundation for healthy manageable hair that does what you want, when you want. Dry ends, in particular, need to be regularly trimmed so that your hair falls naturally into place and looks full of life.

2.      Use the right products

Hair products containing glycerine hydrate the hair and protect the hair shafts by absorbing and trapping moisture, so when it’s hot and humid outside your hair stays perfectly styled.

3.      Try a hydrating mask

As well as your everyday conditioner, use a hydrating mask once a week to combat the effects of heated appliances. Heat damage from blow drying and straightening can seriously damage your hair so opt for masks with moisturising ingredients, such as coconut oil.

4.      Don’t rub wet hair with a towel

Rubbing your hair dry with a towel creates friction that can lead to damaged ends and even more frizz. Try dabbing it dry or use a towel turban to absorb the moisture after washing and conditioning.

5.      Use protective styling sprays

Before you use any heat on your hair, try a heat protective styling spray or lotion. Too much heat on your hair can cause serious damage so try to make time to dry it naturally some days, and turn down the heat on your appliances when you use them.

Regular conditioning is one of the keys to taming frizzy hair, both with an everyday conditioner and a weekly hydrating mask. A regular visit to your hair stylist will also prevent split ends and is essential in the battle against frizz.

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