Increase Hair Volume

How to Easily Create More Volume in Your Hair

If you have fine hair or just want a little more volume in your hair now and again, there are many ways you can create volume and get that ‘just left the salon’ look. It doesn’t need to take too long either.

You can include some of them in your day-to-day routine, and use others when you have an upcoming special occasion. Take a look and see what you think.

Ho to get more volume in your hair

Turn your head upside down to dry your hair

An easy way to inject a little volume is to take advantage of gravity and blow dry your hair upside down. Also spritz on some volumiser beforehand and you’ll notice a significant difference that lasts all day.

When you turn your head upside down to blow dry, the hair roots naturally fall away from your scalp and create more volume. You might want to dry it this way until your hair is almost dry and then finish off as normal with a styling brush.

Use different hair styling tools and appliances

Speaking of styling brushes, you can buy a brush and hair dryer combination that helps you achieve high volume. You don’t have to juggle with a hair dryer and a brush separately, which makes styling easier.

Hot rollers are also a great way to create more volume if you don’t like styling your hair or you want to save some time. Heated rollers are easy to use and can also add sheen to your hair.

Change your parting

Flipping over your parting from one side of your head to the other, or changing from a centre parting, adds immediate volume to the roots. When you keep the parting in the same place all the time your hair tends to lie flatter, so train it to lie in a different way.

You might be surprised at how different your hair looks simply by changing the parting. It’s such an easy way to add a volume boost to your hair, but also to quickly change the look and feel of your style.

Use good hair care products day-to-day

Good quality products can make a huge difference to how your hair looks and behaves. Don’t overdo each product, though, as sometimes less is more. You can buy a range of volumising shampoos and conditioners, as well as sprays and light lotions to add volume before you blow dry.

Ask your hairdresser for some professional tips on which products to use on your hair. They will know your hair type and how to achieve more volume at home, simply by using the right products.

Creating volume in your hair doesn’t need to be difficult or too time-consuming. Just try one or two of these tips and see the difference they make.

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